No Risk Payments
Protected from Fraud
The Romit customer experience platform eliminates malicious fraud and chargebacks.
Buying with Confidence
We ensure consumers are protected from companies selling fake products or services.
Secure Buying Experience
Romit's unique payment flow ensures maximum customer protection.

Featured Merchant Tools

Romit Connect

White label checkout. 

Romit Connect securely connects customer information and payments to your own branded app, giving you full control over the consumer experience.

Romit Checkout

Out-of-the-box merchant payments.

Romit Checkout securely offers an out-of-the-box payments solution that works with your checkout page with little development effort.

Romit Payment Features

Implement recurring payments with Romit's API.
Card Storage
Romit stores payment methods and manages security.
Access Romit Users
Increase conversions by using payment methods on file.
Branded Payments
Romit is compatible with your existing checkout flow. 
Chargeback Mitigation
Romit's advanced methods stop fraud before it can even begin. 
Future of Consumer Experience
Romit uses next generation  ledger technology.
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